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Reiki Certification Classes

Learn the traditional style of Reiki as it’s taught in Japan.

All Reiki classes are taught by Reiki Master Paul Lara.

Our Reiki classes are offered by appointment only. We offer group Reiki classes as well as private Reiki classes in downtown Toronto.

In all of the classes, the material is angled accordingly so that everyone gets what they need. It’s an old school approach. It’s the way I was trained in Japan. Instead of one big heavy weekend workshop, I offer the material over 5-6 sessions depending on the specifics (10 for the Master Class). The sessions are typically scheduled once a week, with homework in between.

For everyone that participates in a Komyo Reiki class, we offer group work at our weekly meditation classes. This way, even those that take a private Reiki class have a chance to work with others.


Reiki Level One Certification – Shoden

10+ hours

In this foundational Reiki class you will learn Reiki history, mind/body fundamentals, Reiki theory & application and the Komyo Reiki Kai lineage.

You will receive four Reiki attunements (Reiju) that are designed to build your practice and sharpen your intent. In Level One, the focus is on perspective. Here we break out of the framework of seeing Reiki as just therapeutics and begin to explore its potential as an everyday philosophy. Instruction in meditation will be given as well as specific ways to incorporate Reiki into your daily life.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and will be eligible for CRA membership.

Prerequisites – None.

Pricing: $300 + HST


Reiki Level Two Certification – Chuden

12+ hours

In the Level Two Reiki class, you will learn the first three Komyo Reiki Kai symbols (Shirushi), advanced meditative training, and basic meridian theory. You will receive four Reiki attunements (Reiju) and time will be given to practice each lesson accordingly.

As well, you will learn how to give Reiki to others with and without the hands. Instruction in traditional Japanese healing techniques will be introduced along with a review of the Reiki Principles.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and be eligible for CRA membership.

Prerequisites: Level One of any lineage

Pricing: $400 + HST


Reiki Level Three Certification – Okuden

12+ hours

The Level Three Reiki class takes a deeper look into the practice of Reiki. When habits and rhythms are acknowledged, we can learn to erase the line between practice and living. This looks a little different for everyone and here in lies the opportunity for an honest look at our practice.

You will be given the fourth/Master symbol (Shirushi) of Komyo Reiki Kai, internal cultivation exercises, heart/mind meditation training, along with two Reiki attunements (Reiju). This is an advanced class and is only offered individually. For those of you coming from a different lineage, this is not a problem. We can make time to review previous coursework.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and be eligible for CRA membership.

Prerequisites: Level Two of any lineage

Pricing: $500 + HST


Reiki Level Four Certification – Shinpiden – Master/Teacher Training

20+ hours

Become a Reiki Master in Toronto

The Reiki Master Class is designed to refine your approach regardless of circumstance. Whether you are interested in teaching or not, there comes a point in everyone’s training where we break free from the mold and create a practice that is unique and specific to who we are. Inside the classroom and out, Reiki begins to look quite different. More natural, less effort, greater effect.

You will learn how to give Reiki attunements (Reiju), how to be an effective teacher, and what it means to responsible within a larger framework. Included in the workshop will be a thorough review of previous coursework.

Upon completion of the Reiki Master Class, you will be required to take part as a student teacher in one Level One Reiki class, one Level Two Reiki class, and one Level Three Reiki class under my guidance as the main instructor before earning the title of Teacher/Master (this applies only to those interested in teaching).

When all has been completed you will receive a certificate and all the necessary instruction on how to become CRA certified as a Reiki Teacher.

Pricing: $1000 + HST