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Reiki Treatments

Japanese Reiki treatments in Toronto by Reiki Master Paul Lara

As far as therapeutics is concerned, I literally have a hands off approach. My intention is not to heal, my intention is to open. The more I receive, the more you receive.

My role as Reiki practitioner is only to help support what the body is already in the process of naturally doing. Understanding the body, the natural world, and their inherent relationship allows me to help create a space where everyone gets what they need. But the results are not determined by me. I am only part of the equation. My intention is not to heal. My intention is to receive. The more I receive, the more those around me are invited to receive.

This natural approach sees the body as already knowing what it needs. It sees the body as being much smarter than most of us believe it to be. I, as practitioner, am responsible for putting the body in a position most conducive to health. Most experience this in terms of balance, relief and perspective.

* Please note that Reiki treatments are not a replacement for conventional/medical health practices, or any form of psychotherapy.

  • By Appointment Only
  • $70 + HST per hour
  • Parkdale Prana Room