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Komyo Reiki from Japan

For me Reiki has to be natural. Without manipulation, diagnosis or trying to heal.

My approach, in accordance with the Japanese tradition, is old school. Trained in Kyoto, Japan for three years under Master Hyakuten Inamoto, I have come to understand the beauty in simplicity.

Perception redefined. This is how I see the Reiki practice.

Most discuss Reiki in terms of therapy. A classic, ‘lets look into the problem’ once it’s already full blown response. But Reiki was originally presented as a way of living your life. One more in tune with the natural order. One that was preventative and not just a ‘fix it’ solution. The healing of the hands approach is only 10% of the practice.

*Please note that any form of Reiki training is not a replacement for conventional/medical health practices, or any form of psychotherapy.