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Here is list of superb humans that I support and have worked with in the past. If you find something you like, feel free to contact them and let them know I sent you.

All the best ~ Paul

Aaron MacDonald

Parkdale Prana Room

Master Hyakuten Inamoto

Canadian Reiki Association 

Gillian B

Clarysage Whole Health Studio

Pawsitive Support

Centerline Martial Arts Systems

Dexter Ico

The Institute of Traditional Medicine

IAM Yoga


Egghead Artist

Shannon Stasyk

Donna Foster-Larocque

COWS Meetup Group

Raj Grainger


Andrej Simeonov

Lee Holden

Cheryl Millett

Hands Can Heal

Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment


Kingwest Chiripractic

Michael Eisen

Lifewise Health & Wellness

Toronto Athletic Club

14th World Congress for Qi Gong & TCM

Hoshinone Acupuncture

Dr. G Szeto

Toronto Healing Arts Centre