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Amelia Rebelo

I’ve been practicing Tai Chi with Paul going on five years. Once a week I can go to a class and forget about everything else and work and breathe and feel things change. This is hard to do by yourself. Damn, this is hard to do with people you enjoy and trust. There are the usual consequences like improved flexibility, strength, but the unexpected results have become such a comfort to me. When things start going off the rails in life, a few moments of Tai Chi can remind me that it is temporary. I have a plan now.  It is not the Grand Remedy to all that ails me. That’s fiction. If you are looking for that, I’ve got some swamp land…
Tai Chi is a challenge. It calls upon all of your physical, mental, and emotional attention. It takes time to learn and understand.  It requires guidance as well. Paul handles the varying levels of understanding in his classes and makes sure all students are working at their own levels. He serves up his words of wisdom with humour, and respect for the tradition. At this point, I don’t know what I’d do without it.Thank you Paul.  And thank you Tai Chi.