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Célia Hayet

It’s now 2 years that I am following Paul’s teaching for reiki/meditation. I like his way to take his practice and those from his students seriously but not take himself seriously. He guides me, show me, advise me, but I do. This is it, It’s my own practice, I feel free but not lost. It’s in my point of view the best way to learn with a touch of fun. I am always impressed by his ability to be accessible to everybody and be creative on how he could improve his teaching. I enjoy meditation/reiki session 1hour (or the broadcast for free if I am not able to participate to the class!) as well as monthly event with reiki’s practicionners or personal teaching. He is also a master on Qi Gong! All of this make sense and after 2 years I am proud to say that I have an amazing teacher and a friend. Thank you.