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Chris Eakins

I am so glad that I stumbled upon QiBelly! For a number of years I struggled with digestive issues along with neuropathic back pain. I was on several medications for both issues, and was having a hard time finding a healthy balance in my life. On recommendation from a friend, I came to a walk-in class with Paul and was immediately hooked. Paul’s openness and ability to connect was paramount to me taking a risk within this unknown territory. He has a way of making this cultural practice resonate in the face of my western upbringing.
I’m loving my new practice and five months later, I am halfway through the 8 form that Paul teaches. Paul has also taken the time to share some breathing techniques that have been shown to promote self healing. For the first time in years, I am living almost 100% pain free, and I am also off all the medications I was taking. TaiChi has been the only thing that I have found that helps me find my centre and re-train my body to heal. I can’t thank Paul enough for all his patient instruction.