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Edane Tobias

Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Paul has been a grounding experience for me.  I learned that to be grounded is to be in touch with every feeling in my body, to breathe into and bring energy where there is tension and pain. I didn’t just learn, but most importantly unlearn what was no longer serving me and to release what is untrue. With Paul’s guidance, I was able to release fears, to open up and to trust.
Also, continuing to take the Tuesday night meditation classes help keep me on track. Paul’s meditation class does not involve incense, serenity music or chanting, he teaches us to find peace in the middle of chaos, and it’s not about exterminating the noise or the bad feelings, but accepting it as it is.  I am now able to take these practices everywhere I go and integrate meditation and openness in my daily life. Thanks QiBelly!!

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