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John Hanna

This is true: Taiji is so profound, it will lead you into the mysteries. You need a good teacher to go there. The best teacher understands that everyone in the end has to learn it for themselves, has to learn it by experience. So a good teacher knows they can really only point the way. And that is an act of great generosity. Paul gives you everything; he doesn’t hold back. He’ll give you precise instruction in the form, but also explain the internal energy flow and show you how that gentle movement can switch into a extremely nasty martial application if you need it. Light as a floating leaf and as emphatic as a steel rod—that’s the fantastic paradox of Taiji. His sessions are calm and at the same time exhilarating. Paul’s teacher in China is also a calligrapher, who showed him that when you lift the brush to paper, the basic form of the characters is always present but the brushstrokes will come alive and take the shape of the moment. Paul’s Taiji classes are like that. He always seems a little surprised at just how cool it is. That is a great spirit to practice with. He’s got boundless positive energy, he’s foul-mouthed and he’s very serious about his art. Everything you want in a great teacher.

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