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When I came to QiBelly in the summer of 2013, I had been a Reiki Master in private practice for many years.  I sought out Paul because I was interested in continuing my education and gaining a deeper understanding of Reiki from an eastern perspective.  He did not disappoint.

From the moment we met, I knew I was going to enjoy his classes.  Not only was he able to provide me the eastern perspective I was searching for, he infused our discussions with his wealth of knowledge from all of his various disciplines.

I find Paul’s direct, down to earth approach very refreshing.  He has this way of weeding out non-essential information and keeping me focused me on what’s important.  I have learned a lot and found re-training with him to be highly beneficial to my Reiki practice.

One of Paul’s most valuable teachings to date was that of a particular kind of meditation.  I have had a daily meditation practice for a long time and, although I greatly benefited from it, I always felt that I was missing something.  After a month of working with Paul and incorporating his techniques, I noticed deep shifts in my ability to remain grounded as well as a widening of perspective and awareness throughout the day.

As a result of all this and more, I highly recommend Paul Lara and look forward to continuing our work together.

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