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Marisa Rudder

I am a personal trainer who thought she had it all- great fitness level, success, lots of clients and media exposure. But, I was also, type A, ‘pressure-cooker’ type personality, stuck in a cycle of fear, constant planning, aggressive workouts 6 days a week and a rigorous 14 hour a day work schedule. The mental and physical stress left me no energy for anything and no one else. Until, I woke up one day almost 10 years later to find myself burnt out, ill, alone and angry. While walking on a treadmill one day, wondering what was missing in my life, I found the answer- Meditation. From the moment I found QiBelly and began my one on one sessions in meditation, my life changed dramatically.

Now, only 6 months later, I have a greater sense of peace and direction. I experience deeper connections with people and have successfully changed my entire approach to life. I feel a greater sense of fulfillment and joy, everyday and rejuvenation physically and mentally. The best part is I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. This weekend I leave for a 3 month trip, to do all the things I never thought were possible. But now I know that anything is possible. Meditation changed my life and it will forever be, the only way for me.

My suggestion – Give it a chance. Commit to doing at least one or two one on one sessions with QiBelly followed by your own practice. The concepts taught are practical and specific to your individual needs. All sessions encourage you to learn at your own pace. I was slow to start because I had doubts in the beginning but, almost instantly the changes were inspiring. Get ready for a wonderful journey.

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