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Shelly Sawada

I started training Kung Fu with Paul this past summer. Up until that point I had been taking his Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes for over a year and while he had spoken of his Kung Fu classes, I figured that Kung Fu was out of my league. Then one day he incorporated some Kung Fu into our Tai Chi class and I was so inspired by the power, presence and focus in his movements that I decided to start one-on-one Kung Fu classes with him. Training Kung Fu has been very challenging for me both physically and mentally but with his patience, encouragement and support, Paul has made the training process both rewarding and fun and all while helping me to develop capacities and strengths I didn’t know I had. Paul is a great teacher: he is down-to-earth and accessible; he has a straight forward teaching style and gives clear, focused demonstrations and exercises. And most importantly Paul is passionate about what he teaches and he walks the talk with real human guts. That is what I learn the most from Paul. How to be a real human being.

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