Paul Lara with a black jacket and beard in a meditation stance; Eyes closed.

Zhu Ji Gong

Zhu Ji Gong is a practice focused on cultivating Qi. The first stage of Zhu Ji Gong is called Correcting the Body. In order to create an environment to cultivate Qi, one’s Xin Qi needs to be soft, smooth and steady. Xin Qi includes the heartbeat, the breath and the mind. When all these combine together, a state of relaxation is created and one is in a position to begin collecting Qi.

Rooted in Chinese Buddhist and early Daoist philosophies, the book Wu Liu Xian Zong – written by Wu Chong Xu (Daoist philosopher) and Liu Hua Yang (Buddhist philosopher), is based on the theory of Xing Ming Shuang Xiu – An alchemic practice aimed at cultivating mind/spirit and qi/body simultaneously.

The One Hundred Day Meditation (Bai Ri Zhu Ji) is considered first in a four stage process. The next three stages are listed below:

  • Change Jing to Qi (Xiao Zhou Tian aka Lian Jing Hua Qi) The goal being the meditative circulation of Ren and Du meridians
  • Change Qi to Shen (Da Zhou Tian aka Lian Qi Hua Shen) A meditation to circulate the mind through the body’s meridians based on certain times of day
  • Shen returns to emptiness (Huan Jing Bu Nao aka Lian Shen Huan Xu) This final stage is a spiritual meditation that involves leaving your physical body and journying to other realms.

I listed the fourth stage here to show the entirety of the process – what it means, and why one trains in this way. This last stage here is often associated with the word ‘immortality’ or even ‘rebirth’. To be perfectly clear, I am not as this stage in my training nor have I ever met anyone who is. So there you go.

Over the years, I have created variations of these exercises in order to adapt to the needs of my students. Maintaining traditions are important. I consider myself quite traditional. But perhaps it’s even more important that our traditions are able to adjust in accordance with what is being asked of us here now.

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