QiBelly Meditation is rooted in Japanese Rinzai Zen, as well as Chinese Buddhist Chan and Daoist Dan Gong. Whether the goal is peace of mind or development of the self, here at QiBelly, we train fundamentals and structure.

Join us for some Zen Meditation. Learn how to gain insight and perspective through the art of observational non-judgement.

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QiBelly Meditation

QiBelly Meditation is Zen Meditation. 
Expansive. Expressive. Freedom embodied. 

It begins with structure. Soft yet persevering. We aim for what is true. We listen for what is real. Let go of mind, let go of conditioning. Pure experience is everything. 

Grab a comfortable cushion, couch or mat. You can sit or lie down. Either way, get ready to embark on a journey of relaxation and self-discovery.