After I left the meditation class (Happy Hour) on Tuesday, I felt like I had smoked 15 joints. I was so relaxed I basically melted into a puddle and on my couch when I got home and didn’t move for 40 minutes.

Victoria Rumi

Paul has a deep understanding of life no matter where you’re standing. He has honed his knowledge and wisdom of eastern philosophies and practices to perfectly suit our western lifestyles. His unique and undogmatic teaching style allows the practice to efficiently and effectively benefit ones life in every and all facets. As a teacher, Paul lives his practice and provides the perfect framework for you to live yours. I am powerfully grateful for Paul’s passion and purpose. His guidance is deeply appreciated.

Roger Baker

“My Gateway Drug”… That’s what I call the night I walked into QiBelly for Paul’s drop-in happy hour for the first time. Leading up to this moment, I had been a quite heavy user of substances. Without going into the gory details, it was ruining my life. A friend convinced me to join her that evening. Walking in I was nervous, sober socializing was not my thing. As the meditation went on, I started to relax. Then came the life changing moment. During the 2 minutes of Reiki, I could feel the energy. This went against everything I had believed. “How can I feel him tickling me when he is standing 3 feet away?!?!?”

I went home that night and melted into my bed, the same way I did previous nights on heavy dose pain killers, except this night I had abstained. I returned the following few weeks for Happy Hour, experiencing peace is a way I had not felt. This lead to calling up Paul and asking him to be my teacher, 2 years of weekly one on one classes ensued. That was all roughly 6 or so years ago. My life has completely transformed since, and continues to do so. Paul is not only an amazing practitioner, but is also now a very good friend. Thank you, Paul!

Kate Schuyler

Paul has a unique and innovative way of making reiki and meditation a simple, and applicable accompaniment to my active and dynamic lifestyle. His method is something that I utilize on a regular basis and will remember for years to come. Paul’s continued support and insight makes regular practice as involuntary as the act of breathing. His enthusiasm and playful attitude is welcome and contagious.

Juliana Petrovic

I am so glad that I stumbled upon QiBelly! For a number of years I struggled with digestive issues along with neuropathic back pain. I was on several medications for both issues, and was having a hard time finding a healthy balance in my life. On recommendation from a friend, I came to a walk-in class with Paul and was immediately hooked. Paul’s openness and ability to connect was paramount to me taking a risk within this unknown territory. He has a way of making this cultural practice resonate in the face of my western upbringing.

I’m loving my new practice and five months later, I am halfway through the 8 form that Paul teaches. Paul has also taken the time to share some breathing techniques that have been shown to promote self healing. For the first time in years, I am living almost 100% pain free, and I am also off all the medications I was taking. TaiChi has been the only thing that I have found that helps me find my centre and re-train my body to heal. I can’t thank Paul enough for all his patient instruction.

Chris Eakins

I was in a transitional phase of my life when I first started taking QiGong/tai chi classes with Paul almost two years ago. Paul leads his classes with passion, enthusiasm and a touch of humour. He is fully engaged with his students and shares his expertise and deep knowledge he gained from training in Japan and China.

I can honestly say that over time I experienced health benefits and decided to deepen my practice by taking private tai chi sessions and attending Paul’s meditation classes as well. This has allowed me to go deeper into myself and has led to a kind of awakening within me, peeling back the layers of learned behaviours and beliefs from the past, as I learn my true essence. I am so grateful to Paul for his heartfelt guidance and teachings on this path of self-discovery.

Vivian Dawson

I’ve been practicing Tai Chi with Paul going on five years. Once a week I can go to a class and forget about everything else and work and breathe and feel things change. This is hard to do by yourself. Damn, this is hard to do with people you enjoy and trust. There are the usual consequences like improved flexibility, strength, but the unexpected results have become such a comfort to me. When things start going off the rails in life, a few moments of Tai Chi can remind me that it is temporary. I have a plan now. It is not the Grand Remedy to all that ails me. That’s fiction. If you are looking for that, I’ve got some swamp land…

Tai Chi is a challenge. It calls upon all of your physical, mental, and emotional attention. It takes time to learn and understand. It requires guidance as well. Paul handles the varying levels of understanding in his classes and makes sure all students are working at their own levels. He serves up his words of wisdom with humour, and respect for the tradition. At this point, I don’t know what I’d do without it.Thank you Paul. And thank you Tai Chi.

Amelia Rebelo

I can’t tell you how much all of the things I’ve learned has helped to keep me grounded and not take on as much negative energy myself or feel completely overwhelmed. I’m starting to handle things in a different way internally and externally, and I’m learning to be a lot more forgiving of myself.

The biggest thing the process of working with Paul has given me is a growing sense of self respect and confidence in my own feelings and perspective. Thank you for everything you’ve shared with me, it’s inspired and helped me more than you can imagine, I really want you to know that. Thank you.

Jennifer Paul

Paul will be your fearless guide on a journey to your heart that will completely transform you. Synthesizing lessons he has learned through travel and study throughout the world, as well as deep within himself, Paul has cultivated a practice that fosters powerful connections, and creates space to expand into the mystery of existence. Those who are looking for an uncharted way back to themselves, and to living in the world with a renewed sense of joy and wonder, need not look any farther.

Shannon Baker

If you are, like, serious, I mean, committed to finding the core of your physical (and psychological) being, to allow your body to be a compass for how you move, and if you relish the thought of being tall and gently firm like a smiling Buddha, try out Paul Lara. He talks a lot because he knows a lot. But, he will walk the walk with you. That’s for sure.

Jeffrey Wilson

It’s now 2 years that I am following Paul’s teaching for reiki/meditation. I like his way to take his practice and those from his students seriously but not take himself seriously. He guides me, show me, advise me, but I do. This is it, It’s my own practice, I feel free but not lost. It’s in my point of view the best way to learn with a touch of fun. I am always impressed by his ability to be accessible to everybody and be creative on how he could improve his teaching. I enjoy meditation/reiki session 1hour (or the broadcast for free if I am not able to participate to the class!) as well as monthly event with reiki’s practicionners or personal teaching. He is also a master on QiGong! All of this make sense and after 2 years I am proud to say that I have an amazing teacher and a friend. Thank you.

Célia Hayet

When I came to QiBelly in the summer of 2013, I had been a Reiki Master in private practice for many years.  I sought out Paul because I was interested in continuing my education and gaining a deeper understanding of Reiki from an eastern perspective.  He did not disappoint.

From the moment we met, I knew I was going to enjoy his classes.  Not only was he able to provide me the eastern perspective I was searching for, he infused our discussions with his wealth of knowledge from all of his various disciplines.

I find Paul’s direct, down to earth approach very refreshing.  He has this way of weeding out non-essential information and keeping me focused me on what’s important.  I have learned a lot and found re-training with him to be highly beneficial to my Reiki practice.

One of Paul’s most valuable teachings to date was that of a particular kind of meditation.  I have had a daily meditation practice for a long time and, although I greatly benefited from it, I always felt that I was missing something.  After a month of working with Paul and incorporating his techniques, I noticed deep shifts in my ability to remain grounded as well as a widening of perspective and awareness throughout the day.

As a result of all this and more, I highly recommend Paul Lara and look forward to continuing our work together.

Kimberley Book

Paul is a humble teacher with a big heart. I have a deep respect for his free flowing nature but subtle discipline and straightforwardness of his teachings. I found myself looking forward to every class and I look forward to continuing my studies with him in the future!!

Paul Di Biase

Taking my Reiki 1 & 2 with Paul has without a doubt changed my life. His teachings helped me to strip away layers of my being to get a better view of who I really am from the inside out. I left his course feeling prepared to deal with and adapt to whatever life throws my way. I am forever grateful!!

Gillian Brown

Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Paul has been a grounding experience for me. I learned that to be grounded is to be in touch with every feeling in my body, to breathe into and bring energy where there is tension and pain. I didn’t just learn, but most importantly unlearn what was no longer serving me and to release what is untrue. With Paul’s guidance, I was able to release fears, to open up and to trust.

Also, continuing to take the Tuesday night meditation classes help keep me on track. Paul’s meditation class does not involve incense, serenity music or chanting, he teaches us to find peace in the middle of chaos, and it’s not about exterminating the noise or the bad feelings, but accepting it as it is. I am now able to take these practices everywhere I go and integrate meditation and openness in my daily life. Thanks QiBelly!!

Edane Tobias

Paul has had a profound influence on my health and well-being, and I owe that to the Reiki and meditation study I’ve done with him over the past two years. Thanks to his tools and training, I am more effective at managing stress, my chronic back pain has virtually disappeared, and my world has become a bigger place. I appreciate his meat-and-potatoes style and value his authenticity in a world otherwise filled with esoteric mumbo-jumbo.

Ryan McKnight

After 15 years of other martial arts training, I decided to switch to Tai Chi, which was, I thought, less physically demanding. I wanted to train in Chen-style. I researched on the Web and found Paul’s class which I started to attend about 6 months ago. And I am very happy that I did.

Paul’s teaching style is very relaxed. He is very enthusiastic but very patient; he teaches not just the forms but their applications as martial arts, not just the “outer” forms but also the “inner” energy flow and movement.

After each class, I always feel GOOD, relaxed and energized. Thank you Paul for giving me this experience!

Harumi Inokuchi

Taking Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification classes with Paul at QiBelly has given me the tools to get through each day with so much more ease and grace. Bringing Meditation and Reiki into my daily practice has been one of the best gifts I could have given myself at this time in my life. Paul created a comfortable and safe environment to explore techniques on how to practice Meditation and Reiki. Paul also offered plenty of opportunities for me to ask questions and then guide me in the right direction. I feel like what I have learned from Paul is helping to open up a whole new world of possibilities for myself. I am so excited to be moving forward into the next chapter of my life. Paul has given me so many useful tools which are now assisting me to create and live out my life’s purpose!!

Kevin Richardson

I am a personal trainer who thought she had it all- great fitness level, success, lots of clients and media exposure. But, I was also, type A, ‘pressure-cooker’ type personality, stuck in a cycle of fear, constant planning, aggressive workouts 6 days a week and a rigorous 14 hour a day work schedule. The mental and physical stress left me no energy for anything and no one else. Until, I woke up one day almost 10 years later to find myself burnt out, ill, alone and angry. While walking on a treadmill one day, wondering what was missing in my life, I found the answer- Meditation. From the moment I found QiBelly and began my one on one sessions in meditation, my life changed dramatically.

Now, only 6 months later, I have a greater sense of peace and direction. I experience deeper connections with people and have successfully changed my entire approach to life. I feel a greater sense of fulfillment and joy, everyday and rejuvenation physically and mentally. The best part is I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. This weekend I leave for a 3 month trip, to do all the things I never thought were possible. But now I know that anything is possible. Meditation changed my life and it will forever be, the only way for me.

My suggestion – Give it a chance. Commit to doing at least one or two one on one sessions with QiBelly followed by your own practice. The concepts taught are practical and specific to your individual needs. All sessions encourage you to learn at your own pace. I was slow to start because I had doubts in the beginning but, almost instantly the changes were inspiring. Get ready for a wonderful journey.

Marisa Rudder

I was looking for a unique and memorable way to entertain but more importantly relax my clients during an annual appreciation event. Paul has a meditative style of teaching and touched on the concepts of maintaining correct posture, how to observe the breath and the path to attaining daily mindfulness. The event was a success and our guests returned to their office energized and refreshed. Thanks Paul, I sincerely look forward to working with you and QiBelly in the future.

Claudia Lama

This is true: Taiji is so profound, it will lead you into the mysteries. You need a good teacher to go there. The best teacher understands that everyone in the end has to learn it for themselves, has to learn it by experience. So a good teacher knows they can really only point the way. And that is an act of great generosity. Paul gives you everything; he doesn’t hold back. He’ll give you precise instruction in the form, but also explain the internal energy flow and show you how that gentle movement can switch into a extremely nasty martial application if you need it. Light as a floating leaf and as emphatic as a steel rod—that’s the fantastic paradox of Taiji. His sessions are calm and at the same time exhilarating. Paul’s teacher in China is also a calligrapher, who showed him that when you lift the brush to paper, the basic form of the characters is always present but the brushstrokes will come alive and take the shape of the moment. Paul’s Taiji classes are like that. He always seems a little surprised at just how cool it is. That is a great spirit to practice with. He’s got boundless positive energy, he’s foul-mouthed and he’s very serious about his art. Everything you want in a great teacher.

John Hanna

I am really enjoying the QiBelly classes. I do yoga every day at least one class, most days two. And with all the classes I have taken over the years, all the different teachers and styles, I have never experienced what I have with this QiBelly class. The first class I thought it was a fluke, but it happened the second class and the third class last night. This feeling of complete calm, complete peace and serenity. The other woman in last week’s class said they felt the same thing. And the feeling lasts all night long, it is amazing. I find yoga relaxes me, but this QiBelly class actually literally calms the mind completely.

Alexis Harrison

After each Reiki session with Paul I would always come away with a great sense of peace, wholeness and a depth of well-being that touched me deeply. I was impressed with his openness and amiability.

J.P. – Beijing

Paul has an uncanny ability to strip away all the stigmas associated with the Eastern practices he teaches. There’s a lot less ceremony and costume involved than many might think. It comes down to discipline, hard work and intention. Paul accomplishes this despite our climate of mass distraction, and he does it with an unmatched authenticity. Without question, my personal ability to deal with life and all its challenges has been strengthened through his teachings. This is someone you want preparing you personally for life in a world facing massive and rapid change.

Bouke Salverda

Paul’s Reiki sessions were amazing, often blissful. The sessions increased my energy levels, cleared energy blocks/emotional issues and left me feeling peaceful and happy.

Sherri Lassila

Paul has a systematic and practical approach to teaching by combining both the essence of QiGong and the fluid movement of Tai Chi. This methodology enhances the internal flow of energy and contributes to the balance of life’s wellbeing.

Dr. G Szeto

I started training Kung Fu with Paul this past summer. Up until that point I had been taking his QiGong and Tai Chi classes for over a year and while he had spoken of his Kung Fu classes, I figured that Kung Fu was out of my league. Then one day he incorporated some Kung Fu into our Tai Chi class and I was so inspired by the power, presence and focus in his movements that I decided to start one-on-one Kung Fu classes with him. Training Kung Fu has been very challenging for me both physically and mentally but with his patience, encouragement and support, Paul has made the training process both rewarding and fun and all while helping me to develop capacities and strengths I didn’t know I had. Paul is a great teacher: he is down-to-earth and accessible; he has a straight forward teaching style and gives clear, focused demonstrations and exercises. And most importantly Paul is passionate about what he teaches and he walks the talk with real human guts. That is what I learn the most from Paul. How to be a real human being.

Shelly Sawada

Paul has developed a method of self study that is brilliantly malleable. Sourced around energy healing he creates a space, a practice, and a relationship that fosters self reflecting consciousness. For me it’s been raw and full of inconvenient truths as I unearth the roots of myself. I thank Paul for his encouragement as I discover the beautiful impermanence of life.

Shannon Stasyk

For Fabricland’s Annual 2011 Seminar, we contacted Paul Lara of QiBelly to prepare a relaxation session for our Assistant Mangers. The session was a perfect fit for the events that were ahead teaching everyone to just relax and be in tune with what is going on inside. I would recommend this to any organization for events that they are having as it would be a benefit to all employees.

Betty Pedias