Komyo Reiki from Japan – Paul Lara is a 5th Generation Komyo Reiki lineage holder under the Japanese line of Usui Sensei. He studied with Inamoto Hyakuten Sensei for 3 years, while living in Kyoto, Japan.

Komyo Reiki Do is a way of life. One that embodies the continuous development of health, community and spirit. Komyo Reiki’s beauty, lies in its simplicity. And that is why it is so profound.

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Komyo Reiki Do – Bright Path of Pure Qi

Komyo Reiki Do translates as the Bright Path of Pure Qi. A way of communicating, a way of living life. In tune with the natural order, Reiki is pure source energy. 

The approach is preventative and not just a ‘fix it’ solution. The healing of the hands is a powerful skill, but it’s only 10% of what it means to practice Reiki. 

To be conscious and sensitive is to benefit with the upmost potential. To ignore these features limits us. 

Think of Reiki in terms of sensitivity training. The more sensitive the better. When working from an energetic level, discernment is important. Reiki will help to improve your quality of life. How you apply it is up to you.

Come and give Reiki a try. We have Guided Meditation Classes on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Reiki is offered to all in attendance during the last half of class.