QiBelly certification programs date back hundreds of years and adhere to standards that enable these traditions to remain valuable regardless of the era. Whether the goal is teaching or development of self, everyone arrives at this door for different reasoning. 

QiBelly offers 4 different modalities of certification:

The breakdowns for each modality are specific, yet they all share the basic fundamentals of learning and comprehension. 

Level 1: Beginner

  • Training the Body (Posture, Structure, Conditioning)

Level 2: Novice

  • Training Qi (Breath, Sensitivity, Internal body)

Level 3: Apprenticeship 

  • Mind & Spirit (Purpose, Clarity, Fulfillment) 

Level 4: Teacher Training 

  • Instructing (Methodology, Community, Tradition)

Through experience with forms, one will gradually develop the skill of understanding energy. Understanding energy brings about a spiritual level of clarity. However, without proper practice over a long period of time, there will be no such awakening.’ ~ Wang Zong Yue

To train for certification at QiBelly, it is recommended that you dedicate at least 2-3 days a week in the studio. Group classes and or private instruction. 

Questions about the certification process? Contact Paul.