Hun Yuan QiGong

Relax the Qi down, so Spirit can rise.

Fundamentals that date back thousands of years, yet still offer a profound sense of well being in our modern world.

Paul Lara is a 3rd Generation QiGong Master under the Chinese line of Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang. He studied under Master Zhang Yu Fei for 2 years while living in Beijing, China.

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QiGong Explained

Dynamic Self-Help Care

These gentle routines emphasize strengthening the body internally while harmonizing it externally with nature. Utilizes static postures, moving forms and self massage, the aim is to accumulate, circulate and harmonize Qi.

Designed to Invigorate and Strengthen

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) is an internal exercise from China that focuses on consciously moving Qi through the meridians of the body using meditative methods of physical movement and breathing. These gentle routines emphasize strengthening the body internally while harmonizing it externally with nature. Utilizing static postures, moving forms and self massage, the aim of Qi Gong is to accumulate, circulate and harmonize Qi.

In the true sense, Qi Gong is a massive idea that means different things to different people. Qi can be defined as energy or even essence. Yet in China, when you require air in your flat tire, you ask the assistant for more Qi. Some define it as breath. Its context specific, which is what makes it difficult to simply pin down.

Gong can defined as practice or skill. Gong is the same word as Kung. Just a strange translation semantics phenomenon that occurred over the years. Meaning different English speakers translated the same Chinese characters differently over the years. So ya, you guessed it, Kung Fu is related term. Which can be defined as a skill acquired over time.

And then there are the different aspects within the practice of Qi Gong. The health emphasized, the sexual emphasized, the medical, the spiritual, and even the brick breaking and light things on fire aspects of Qi Gong.

QiBelly QiGong focuses on health oriented exercises designed to develop longevity. The idea is to maximize potential. In doing so, one has to look towards working within one’s self as well as one’s environment. Qi Gong is about understanding your support system and using it to harmonize within a larger framework.

Benefits Include:

  • internal body awareness.
  • the conditioning of muscles.
  • harmonious functioning of the organs.
  • maximizes breath control.
  • relieves tension and stress.
  • promotes healthy digestion.
  • builds adaptability to the environment (ability to stay comfortable).
  • strengthens immune system.

From Master Zhang Yu Fei

‘If one can practice once everyday, they will fill internally with QI. Energy will become exuberant, the apertures will become clear and the eyes bright. The feeling in the whole body will be one of being free from all worry. In this practice, one can attain the means to protect the essence and cultivate the spirit, strengthen both root and pre-birth QI, master the body and cultivate character. As a result, they will benefit by extending their lives for many years.’ – Master Zhang