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After I left the meditation class (Happy Hour) on Tuesday, I felt like I had smoked 15 joints. I was so relaxed I basically melted into a puddle and on my couch when I got home and didn’t move for 40 minutes.

Victoria Rumi

Paul has a deep understanding of life no matter where you’re standing. He has honed his knowledge and wisdom of eastern philosophies and practices to perfectly suit our western lifestyles. His unique and undogmatic teaching style allows the practice to efficiently and effectively benefit ones life in every and all facets. As a teacher, Paul lives his practice and provides the perfect framework for you to live yours. I am powerfully grateful for Paul’s passion and purpose. His guidance is deeply appreciated.

Roger Baker

Paul has a unique and innovative way of making reiki and meditation a simple, and applicable accompaniment to my active and dynamic lifestyle. His method is something that I utilize on a regular basis and will remember for years to come. Paul’s continued support and insight makes regular practice as involuntary as the act of breathing. His enthusiasm and playful attitude is welcome and contagious.

Juliana Petrovic

I am so glad that I stumbled upon QiBelly! For a number of years I struggled with digestive issues along with neuropathic back pain. I was on several medications for both issues, and was having a hard time finding a healthy balance in my life. On recommendation from a friend, I came to a walk-in class with Paul and was immediately hooked. Paul’s openness and ability to connect was paramount to me taking a risk within this unknown territory. He has a way of making this cultural practice resonate in the face of my western upbringing.
I’m loving my new practice and five months later, I am halfway through the 8 form that Paul teaches. Paul has also taken the time to share some breathing techniques that have been shown to promote self healing. For the first time in years, I am living almost 100% pain free, and I am also off all the medications I was taking. TaiChi has been the only thing that I have found that helps me find my centre and re-train my body to heal. I can’t thank Paul enough for all his patient instruction.

Chris Eakins
I was in a transitional phase of my life when I first started taking qi gong/tai chi classes with Paul almost two years ago. Paul leads his classes with passion, enthusiasm and a touch of humour. He is fully engaged with his students and shares his expertise and deep knowledge he gained from training in Japan and China.
I can honestly say that over time I experienced health benefits and decided to deepen my practice by taking private tai chi sessions and attending Paul’s meditation classes as well. This has allowed me to go deeper into myself and has led to a kind of awakening within me, peeling back the layers of learned behaviours and beliefs from the past, as I learn my true essence. I am so grateful to Paul for his heartfelt guidance and teachings on this path of self-discovery.
Vivian Dawson