Courage and Consistency

The seasonal shift is upon us. Time to recognize. Time to reorganize. This month with QiBelly, I am restructuring my teachings, and basically restructuring my life. The process of refinement is never ending, and the time has come to adjust it once again.

September and October are my favourite months of the year. Ironically, this is one of the most difficult times of year for me. The end of our summer and the prep for the cold. A mighty transition indeed. A time of looking more thoroughly within and witnessing processes that I can evaluate so as to properly adjust for the upcoming winter (where the internal becomes full fledged). I enjoy it because I am a bit crazy for this, but more importantly, it is such an opportune moment.

Looking back over the last six years in this city, I have come to understand the importance of my gut. Initially, I went the business man route. I went against my natural inclinations. I presented my position according to standardized success techniques that I saw as being crucial. They weren’t. They were crap. I knew better, but my actions didn’t match up. I had the same feeling back then I as do right now. The difference is, back then, I wasn’t trusting that feeling so I suffered for it. Crazy how obvious it all seems as I reflect back.

Time to fight the good fight.

Group Stupid Radio is continuing to rock it. We are currently halfway through our first season, with five more episodes to go (we have some interviews coming!!). And we started recording Season 2 last week. Its crazy. Refining and redefining, now the shit is tight. We are still not sure what any of it means, but we are having fun. If you are digging our podcast, or on the other hand are slightly concerned with what we are doing, we’d love to hear from you. Rate us on iTunes or whatever medium you are using. Email us (Questions? Message Paul Lara). Follow us on social media.

We appreciate your support.

Happy September