Tai Chi Push Hands in High Park

Get ready for our upcoming Tai Chi community gathering! Tai Chi Pushing Hands for the People!! Sunday July 7th at 10:15am in High Park We are thrilled to invite all experienced practitioners to join us for a friendly push-hands outing. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice, socialize, and form connections with other Tai Chi …
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Safe Spaces – Group Stupid

When it’s good, we imagine it to be forevermore.  When it’s bad, we fear it will never end.  Unknowing and uncomfortable, we continue grasping at the seemingly solid. Self deception like a defence mechanism, disappointed more often than not.  The safer we design it, the smaller our worlds become. Never has the world been a …
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Divided We Couch – Group Stupid – TWW

Pick a side. Do it now. The deception game is a monster machine.  I am not wholly part of any one faction. And at the same time I am everything you are.  Feeling arrives before anything else. It’s the thought that comes second.  Otherness is an idea, backed by a heart that is fearful.  —

No Thyself – Group Stupid the Written Word

Do any of us really know ourselves?  Awkward pang in your chest… We can keep presenting all we want. We can write books and collect accolades, but we are mostly just full of ideas.  ‘I wish I had more time for my brain’ ~ Beck  Overstimulated and at the same time bored. Looking for answers …
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Have you noticed?

It’s mental outside. Have you noticed? I work in Parkdale. I take transit across town. It’s mad.  We all see it. Cops don’t give a fuck. No one wants to do or say anything. Cause then, that means we gotta get involved. And how much time is this gonna take out of my day? And …
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