Five Fists Kung Fu Workshop

That’s right!! Time to spice it up and add some Kung Fu back into the mix. Five Fists Kung Fu can be translated as Xing Yi Quan or Wu Xing Pao aka Five Element Fist aka…

Regardless what you want to call it, we are going with Five Fist Kung Fu:

Cut Fist 

Drill Fist

Burst Fist

Cannon Fist

Horizontal Fist

+ 3 Body Form

Lots of information here, so we (Jesse and I) have decided to break it up into two separate workshops. 

Saturday November 9th12:30-2:30pm


Saturday November 23rd 12:30-2:30pm

Half the forms will be taught in the first class and the other half in the second. We spaced out the dates to give people time to practice as well as open up availability for scheduling. We can only assume not everyone is going to be able to make both. Although, it would be a lot cooler if you did. Haha. 

Beginners, as well as advanced students, are welcome to join. This will not be a contact class. The focus will be on individual drill training. Be prepared to sweat. For many of you who practice Tai Chi with me, this will be a great opportunity to learn Fa Jin. Fa Jin can be defined as having the ability to deliver explosive power. Dynamic and energetic, the Fa Jin forms complement the soft and slow aspects of the Tai Chi practice. The Yang to the Yin so to speak. 

Sign up is as per usual. Email money transfer to [email protected]

Each workshop is $75 + HST

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Thank you