Me and My Belly

I have a belly. Been this way since Day One. QiBelly was my nickname from back in Beijing. All gut, no butt. Skinny fat guy. Yup, that’s me.

In Asian cultures, at least historically speaking (meaning one generation back), men proudly display their goods. Swagger, bravado, all emanating from a naturally relaxed position. Big belly style – ladies want it, men want to represent it.

The iconic images of old Buddha were fat and beaming. The Chinese weren’t alluding to obesity (although they do respect a well fed belly, but that’s a different story). The Buddha Man himself was said to have a belly full of Qi – obvi. And what resides in the lower abdominal core? Loads. So it makes sense that the area is relaxed and full to the brim of what it is designed to accumulate, Qi – meaning potential/reserves.

My point is having sexy abs is one thing. And yes core strength is important. But walking around all day with your burger flexed is another. Let your belly hang proudly. Own your position.