Messy Times


I don’t pretend to understand the cosmos but there is some craziness in the air right about now. Personally, professionally, socially I can feel it everywhere.

Many of you I see on a weekly basis for meditation and Reiki understand this and are using this time of vulnerability to make some necessary life changes.

No joke this is madness. It’s not fun having to face truth. It’s not comfortable having to say and do what we for so long have avoided. But this is our time. No more room to hide.

For those of you reading this with eyes wide open, the take home is to trust what you feel. Don’t let your conditioning get in the way. Your emotions may ask you to act in ways that are the exact opposite to how you normally think. Or in ways not approved by your friends/family. But be courageous. We can’t always look to others for the answers or require approval from them.

Its been a wild week to say the least. But its time to rock it. No one else is gonna do this for you.