Slick Buddha

‘Being relaxed, maybe not so important. Pass these tests, pass them well.’

These are the words that rang in my head the other day as my twisted perception released itself from judgment and self centered arrogance.

I’m an intense kinda guy. My meditation practice has helped balance me out, no doubt. The QiGong and Tai Chi have taught me how to be much more resilient to stressors, etc. That being said I am, and will most likely always be, an intense kinda guy.

So I sat there with my head all twisted and my body all tense (wishing I was relaxed) and began laughing at myself. Like a madman. Unrealistic expectations, non acceptances of my truth. Holy Fuck!!

My goal of being relaxed while moving through stressful challenges is a presumptuous one. It has became clear to me that my struggles are nothing more than tests. Plain and simple. I am being asked to pass these tests, and to pass them well. Being calm and smooth, like some Slick Buddha, maybe not so important.