Still Here, Still Smiling

I’m still here and I’m still smiling. It’s a brand new season and opportunities surround us. But not if you watch the news. The news makes it sound like the world is ending. 

So ya, CopTown LockDown is back. I know some of you may be concerned. 

Whether this means you have to wait to get another shot or hold off for now, I completely understand. Full respect. But the show must go on. Its been two years now and the life blood of this drama has run its course. 

I am here in whatever capacity is required. Give me a bell. Talk some shit to me. Let’s get creative. Let’s work together. 

If I may…

Don’t let anyone scare you from living your life. Be courageous enough to make your own choices. Do it with the intelligence of your heart and your mind. Be discerning. Find your angle. Work that shit.