Super Fresh Sale – One Week Left

October has always been my favourite. What beauty. What melancholy. I find myself awkwardly optimistic at times like these…

The Super Fresh Sale is only on for one more week. Be sure to take advantage. Be sure to get yours. 

One on one classes – 5 pack $335 (reg. $400)

Group Classes QiGong & Tai Chi – 10 pack $128 (reg. $150)

Reiki Sessions $66.5 (reg. $85)

The group classes are bringing new faces and it’s exciting. Both online and in person, I’ve noticed that my style of teaching has changed. The people have changed. I’ve studied history, I can see the patterns. But this right here, right now, is Super Fresh. It reminds me of what Master Zhang once told me, ‘Teach according to people’s social and cultural context.’ Meaning, teach the people from where they are at.

Last year around this time, I made a post on Instagram about how the fall/winter was gonna suck. And basically, it did. Ha! Call me Nostradamus! But this year feels different. Maybe because, I’ve already been down into the deep dark cave. Maybe it’s cause it doesn’t feel so dark anymore. I’m mean, it’s still dark, believe me. But it doesn’t feel as scary as it did last year. Perspective like a punch to the face. October, I love you. 

Thanks for reading,