The Art of Health & Longevity

Health, in our society, is just beginning to get the attention it deserves. But for many, it’s still an afterthought or even a luxury.

Time is important and unfortunately most of us don’t have enough of it. Workout routines, gym memberships and the cost of healthy eating are often negated for an easier route.

Health as an asset is often a misperception. Healthy habits have to be worked at, even for those of us who make this our focus. Maintenance, meaning preventative maintenance, is the key to sustainable health. Time and time again, I see people reach a state of insight or relief and think, ‘Ah ya!! I got it!!’ Then back they go to their unhealthy routines only to milk the effects until they are right back where they started. Maintenance is key. Health is every moment. Everyday is an endeavour to live a healthy life. It’s a constant, not a 6-7pm workout session on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s presumptuous to believe that a lot of unhealthy living can be sorted out in just a few sessions of ‘training.’ From thought to movement to stillness, health is an awareness. Your health, in a sense, is a skill that you refine and strengthen overtime.

I consider my practice to be an art. One that has to be constantly worked at. There’s never a time to stop. Much of what I see today is rush, rush, rush, and then stop. The problems that manifest from such techniques are quite obvious. Just look around. A much healthier approach is to maintain a consistent routine. Don’t rush about your practice, and don’t stop either.

The Art of Health & Longevity – it’s a lifestyle.