The Average Person

Yesterday I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning. Thought it was gonna be a quick session. I was wrong. The hygienist just kept going. 

‘How bad is it?’ I ask. 

‘Not bad,’ she says. 

‘Well. it can’t be good,’ I respond, ‘You’ve been going hard on my teeth today.’

‘Average. Your teeth are about average,’ she said, ‘no biggie.’

She was trying to comfort me. But I wasn’t having it. 

Look at the average human. Sloppy, disrespectful, naive. I’m not an elitist, but the average human basically sucks. Then again, apparently I have an average cleaning routine on my teeth. I’m working on it…

In more ways than one, the bar is being lowered. We celebrate mediocrity. And let’s be clear, mediocrity isn’t the median. Mediocrity is having the potential for greatness, yet settling for something much less. 

Step out into the world. Be Somebody.