The House of QiBelly Ceremony

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The House of QiBelly Ceremony 

An official induction into our Chen Style Six Harmony Hun Yuan Tai Chi Chuan Family Lineage. 

In 2019 I was honoured the title ‘Keeper of the Gate’ by my teacher, Master Zhang Yu Fei. Which means, he granted me the ability to take on my own students, officially. The term in Chinese is Tu Di. Meaning disciple/apprentice/mentorship. 

Being welcomed into our lineage is an honour and a responsibility. Historically this tradition has been passed on for the last couple hundred years. 

For those of you interested in initiation, there are a few bits of criteria to consider:

  • You’ve practiced with me for at least 6 months to 1 year. 
  • You’ve been dedicated and consistent. 
  • You can display some aptitude within our teachings. 
  • You vow to uphold our family tradition. 
  • You present a $500 + HST honorarium. 

Once accepted, not only will you receive official certification from our 200+ year old tradition, you will also have access to more privileged information. For example, once a month I will be holding ‘Team Family Meetings’ with the help of my GongFu Elder, Jesse Lown. These will be workshops namely, finished off with excursions to local eateries. Yes, we are building a community. 

I am honoured to be in this position and look forward to growing this Canadian Chapter. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Sunday October 16th