Toronto Life Magazine + Podcast Interviews

I got a text from a friend last week who said, ‘Congrats!! You’re in Toronto Life Magazine!!’ (February Issue)

Shocked and amazed, I went on the hunt to find that I was mentioned as one of the four people in Toronto that offer meditation training (they used the word gurus, but hey lets not get too carried away here).

I am pumped. Be sure and grab yourself a copy!! My next step is to make my way onto the front cover (with a sexy head shot, that really allows my eyes to sparkle). Haha–You know it would be amazing.

As well, last week I had the honour of being interviewed by Colin Pal on his super dope podcast called The Undeniable Clarity. We hit it off like we were long lost brothers, and in a way we were. Colin spent 4 years of his life as a full time monk under Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village, France. The same place I studied back in 2002. Now we spent time there during different eras, in terms of the Sangha, but it was great to reminisce none the less.

Featured here are the 4 segments of the entire interview. Enjoy.

Meditation as an Honest Intimacy with the Self – TUC 51

The Reiki Dance (Podcast Version) – TUC 52

Meditation Through Movement – TUC 53

Struggles and Challenges of the Practice – TUC 54

Thank you and have a great week!!