Triple Soft

In any sort of mind/body practice it’s important to be soft.

Soft in body.
Soft in breath.
Soft in intent.

Posture is a fundamental concept. Proper posture allows us to create an environment where our potential for health can cultivate. With tension and kinks in our position, we limit the ability for our body to circulate blood.

The breath is obvious enough, but what is important about the breath is that it can be used as a way to measure tension in the body. Once located, tension and stagnation can be released using breath techniques that not only soften but massage the body.

Last but not least is intent. Everyday is different. Based on mood, health, weather and environmental circumstances, we have to adjust accordingly. Intent needs to be soft. The simple intent of being open and present may give very different effects each and every day. Our job as practitioners is be accepting regardless of the result. If our intent is fixed upon relaxation, for example, then this will lead to great deal of frustration. Everyday is quite different and we can’t expect to manipulate circumstances. Rather, the intent of being open and present implies that we give in. We have to be soft.

Reiki, Meditation, Tai Chi & QiGong.