Yin is the New Yang

A tactile earthy wooden frame with a photo in it with a "This Way" sign written in Chinese and English, in the forest with a trail in the background

At first I took it personally. I felt a strange lack of familiarity with the everyday. It’s like something was muted in me. Gentle, yet awkward, it’s been here all month. Not necessarily bad. But not joyous either. Less bent, perhaps. 

The recent solstice, marking the first day of winter, represented a shift into a season of Yin. But it’s not the only shift at play. We are also entering a much larger, new era of Yin. Unprecedented in many ways, this new cycle of Yin isn’t leaving anytime soon. Call it what you will – the fall of the patriarchy, the age of Aquarius, the Rona aftermath, government resets, extreme divides – all just features of this one grandiose narrative. 

From Yang to Yin. Not so easily defined. Nor limited to any specific category. It shows itself everywhere. Just differently depending on what is being looked at. 

But it doesn’t matter anyway. One doesn’t have to understand ancient human theory to see what is happening to us. The ground beneath us is shifting. Our lifestyles, our perspectives, are being reevaluated. A new career, a new passion, relationships, the list goes on. 

And yes, not wanting to go backwards, is one thing. I don’t miss 2018. But what now? A lack of excitability isn’t reason to panic. Nor is it reason to keep pushing the way we used to. Don’t let the Media Lords flip it on you. Consumer culture shall continue trying to twist our wants into needs. And what most of us need, deep down, can’t be sold to us anymore.

Simply said, we can see this as a time of going inward. First within ourselves, then within our communities. We need new techniques that are softer and much less forced. Start with your breathing. Use it as a guide. Then apply it to how you move, in terms of efficiency. This new era of Yin gives us a richer, much more balanced perspective. But only if we are open enough to accept it. 

We are witnesses. We are participants, reflecting what we see in nature. To be appreciative, not wanting what was. To honour, and not fear for the future. 

December 2022

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