Reiki Certification Level 2



Learn traditional Japanese Reiki from 5th Generation Komyo Reiki Master Paul Lara.

All coursework is conducted privately, meaning one on one. It’s an old school Japanese-style approach.

Instead of one big heavy weekend workshop, the material is offered over 8 sessions  (12 for the Master Class). Sessions run for 60 minutes and are typically scheduled once a week, with homework in between.

For everyone that participates in a Komyo Reiki class, group work is offered at the weekly meditation classes as well as the weekly Reiki Shares. This way, everyone has a chance to work with others.

Reiki Level Two Certification – Chuden

8+ hours

In the Level Two Reiki class, you will learn the first three Komyo Reiki Do symbols (Shirushi), advanced meditative training, and basic meridian theory. You will receive four Reiki attunements (Reiju) and time will be given to practice each lesson accordingly.

As well, you will learn how to give Reiki to others with and without the hands. Instruction in traditional Japanese healing techniques will be introduced along with a review of the Reiki Principles. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and be eligible for CRA membership.

Prerequisites: Level One of any lineage



Once payment is received, you will be contacted within 24 hours to book your appointment. Alternatively, you are most welcome to contact Paul directly.


1273A Queen St W Floor 2, Toronto, ON