100 Day Meditation

Zhu Ji Gong aka DeYao – Achieving the Medicine

Conditions for Zhu Ji Gong:

• Retain possession of sexual essence for entire time of practice.

• Being able to control anger and deal with it effectively is very important. Too much fire/heat within the body at this time can be dangerous.

• Spicy food and alcohol are to be avoided.

• Face south (towards equator) during the seated practice which should be maintained for at least two hours.

Tiao Shen:

Tiao Shen is the first step. Correct the body. In order to create an environment for the Zhu Ji Gong, one’s Xin Qi needs to be soft, smooth and steady. Xin Qi includes the heartbeat, the breath and the mind. All these combine together to create a state of relaxation.

Putting the mind to rest has the effect of relaxing the body. One will follow the other. However one is advised not to focus on pain or relaxation. The idea of nothingness is made significant here. Hun Yuan is the focus. Here Hun Yuan can be defined as the unified consistency of all things. The state where everything exists based on an underlying principle of oneness.

Hun Yuan is the outcome of Hun Dun, the primordial state of chaos (Chinese version of the big bang theory). Like milk into water. Diffusion takes place and it spreads out and becomes uniform. At first it separates as chaotic, then unifies into one Hun Yuan.

Rooted in Chinese Buddhist and early Daoist philosophies, the book Wu Liu Xian Zong – written by Wu Chong Xu (Daoist philosopher) and Liu Hua Yang (Buddhist philosopher), is based on the theory of Xing Ming Shuang Xiu – An alchemic practice aimed at cultivating mind/spirit and qi/body simultaneously.

The One Hundred Day Meditation (Bai Ri Zhu Ji) has its focus on storing energy (essence) in the body. It is considered first in a four stage process. The next three stages are listed below:

• Change Jing to Qi (Xiao Zhou Tian aka Lian Jing Hua Qi) The goal being the meditative circulation of Ren and Du meridians.

• Change Qi to Shen (Da Zhou Tian aka Lian Qi Hua Shen) A meditation to circulate the mind through the body’s meridians based on certain times of day.

• Shen returns to emptiness (Huan Jing Bu Nao aka Lian Shen Huan Xu) This is a spiritual meditation that involves leaving your body etc. I’m not too familiar with this one.