Connecting the Dots

“How’s your practice?” Here is a question I often ask at the beginning of a session. Generic question I know, but it usually gives me a feel for where people are at. Excitement and frustration are typical themes(at least for those who’s practice is regular enough). This, I believe, stems from our need for quick results. The idea that healthy exercises should make you feel good seems obvious enough, but its not that simple. In seeking immediate gratification we sometimes miss the lesson to be learned.

Good and bad are neither here nor there. They both exist and depth of a practice requires that we acknowledge both. Steady persistent practice gives perspective and allows us to witness rhythms within a bigger picture.

Being excited about the results your practice brings opens you up to the vulnerabilities equated with an ‘off day.’ To prefer one over the other is like despising the sun and celebrating darkness. A recipe for disaster.

Practice when you feel like hell, but don’t expect it to sort you out. Practice when you are feeling good, but don’t let it get you too high.

It’s important to maintain a relaxed approach to diligent training. Practicing according to mood and circumstance.

Getting attached to the high will cheapen your experience of the low. Both are valid aspects of a practice. Understand each part and then connect the dots.

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