Honest Feedback

Appearing healthy, with fixed attention to a well defined physique, and being healthy are not one in the same. Psychologically, physically and environmentally, health should be assessed from an objective standpoint.

*How effective is your health program?*

Here are four questions you can ask yourself about your practice:

* Digestive elimination: How efficiently does your body eliminate waste?
* Are you calm and focused under pressure?
* Are you easily adaptable to changes in your environment? This includes changing of seasons.
* How often do you get sick? And when you do get sick, how quickly do you recover?

My QiGong & Zen Meditation courses offer a practical approach to health that is honest and effective. Register now for introductory classes.

*Courses are currently being held at three locations in Toronto:*
*Lifewise Health & Wellness Center*
2034 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 1Z9

phone: 416.482.3340

*Theraputix Wellness Centre Inc.*
1985 Leslie Street
North York (Toronto) Ontario
M3B 2M3

phone: 416.444.4411

*401 Richmond Building*
Basement Level – Suite B104
Downtown Toronto (Richmond Street West & Spadina)

phone: 416.877.4106