“InActivity” is a term that many find odd or even dismissive. In this culture full of distraction, we busy ourselves because it seems appropriate. Productivity is deemed credible. Be that as it may, hard-wired distractive habits have our brains, more often than not, somewhere other than we actually are.

If I were to ask you in any given moment, “What are you doing?” – Would the brain’s activity and the body’s activity match up? Meaning, are you actually thinking about what you are physically doing, or is your mind somewhere else?

Ah, the restless brain and it’s never ending agenda for productivity. Anxiety, quite possibly, the culprit. The fear that we aren’t doing absolutely everything we can to positively influence the situation. Sound familiar?

Over the years, our way of thinking becomes habit, making it seem impossible to imagine alternatives. Thus, we are victim to the illusion that these habits are unquestionable aspects of our personality.

It would be misleading to tell you that it is easy to resolve this condition. No joke, this is some heavy shit. Creating positive mental habits is challenging. And in the face of those who don’t understand and can’t be bothered to care, this type of work can be overwhelming. That is why we take it one step at a time. Unlearning negative habits doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. But with each step, we find improvement.

If you are frustrated with an overactive mind, then give yourself time to create the antidote. Falling victim to habit thinking only reinforces the predicament.

Learning to become calm and letting go are possible without the need for stimulants or sedatives. Our practice is simple. We deal with the immediate. In between what is absolutely necessary, like washing the dishes or going to the toilet, sit back and allow what is natural to present itself. Good or bad, learn to tune into your time and sit with what is right in front of you. More perspective, less preference. Being “InActive” is as important as being active. One promotes the other. But with too much of one and not enough of the other, our sense of well-being begins to tilt.
This isn’t about being lazy. It’s about balance.

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