The Reflex

We are not our habits. Habits are just learned behaviours. They are not fixed nor are they in control.

What I refer to as, ‘The Reflex,’ is our subconscious reaction to stimuli. The Reflex requires minimal cognitive processing, so it is typically immediate. It’s so immediate and seemingly established, that we see it as ourselves and therefore unchangeable.

But the Reflex can be rewritten.

For the majority of us, less than 5% of our actions are conscious. Meaning that 95% of the time we are mentally somewhere else.
How much info are you processing without being aware? The cognitive processing we experience is minimal compared to what’s subconsciously happening. So how do you develop a subconscious reflex?

Instinct aside, we develop most of our reflexes through repetition. Learned reactions that you reinforce over and over again.
Intent backed by discipline creates power. The Reflex concept is the root of my practice. It’s what keeps my training consistent. Comparing myself now to who I was at age 20, in terms of habit techniques, always puts a smile on my face. The habits that were once destructive have been replaced by ones that now improve my life.

Instead of seeing Tai Chi as just movement that increases relaxation and flexibility, think of it in terms of posture and sensitivity. Being fully aware of our posture is the constant we train. Mind watching body. This skill not only allows us to be present, but also helps us to locate the mechanisms that trigger stress in the body. Once we can identify them, we can learn to become more adaptable and enjoy what should be enjoyable. Same goes for QiGong and Reiki. The relaxation component is inevitable. It’s a pleasant side effect of living life more in tune with your environment.

Patterns we have learned and promoted can be changed. At one point or another they have all served a purpose, but as adults we can learn to let go of the ones that no longer give us what we need.