Take Your Meditation to the Streets (Part 1)

The QiBelly Project Presents:

Trust is a habit. And our habits most the time have us somewhere else, most of the time we are just on autopilot.

Are you making daily decisions, are you reacting to stimulation, from a fearful place or from a place of reassurance, from a place of love?

Now in our culture it is a go go go culture, it’s an up up up culture. “How you doing?” “Oh I’m great thanks for asking”. Pure BS right? But still everything is up, everything is big, everything is happy, everything is more, everything is sex, everything is high high high. 

So people want to be grounded, they want to be calm. They want the opposite of what their habits are. And their habits are on the computer all day, get home, on the Facebook all night, watch TV, go to bed and while they going to bed they are on Twitter. And they wonder why they can’t sleep or relax or turn down the nervous system. So my job here, I feel, is to teach people that hey, you got to slow down. 

And in my opinion this is the evolutionary process. The more we can trust in the love and use it and create a habit out of that, as opposed to the habit of fear, this is how we evolve. 

So the question is how does meditation tied into all of this, meditation is about creating that habits you want to create, period.