Take Your Meditation to the Streets (Part 2)

The QiBelly Project Presents:

People want to be grounded, they want to be calm. Cause everyone is up here. Everyone wants to get high. But the problem with getting high is, you have to come down. So if you’ve got one foot on the ground, if you’ve got one stake I say in the earth, then that kite can go as high as you want, the string is infinite. 

Tai chi for example, in the meditation sense, is about taking that meditation to a physical realm. And the point of it is, to bridge the gap between your meditation on your cushion, in your isolated room, with incense, to the streets. So as you walk, as you stand, as you wait in line for a cup of coffee, that’s it. That posture, that movement, those mechanics in how you learn to move. When you come to my tai chi class I teach you how to walk differently and stand differently. More in the functional sense, more in the efficiency sense. So efficiency is very big piece of what we do, efficiency in movement. I mean in this posture and I’m holding this position, where am I holding tension in my body and what portion of that tension is unnecessary? Meaning I don’t need it and I’m actually wasting energy by using it. Now take that to thought. It’s just full on right? But this is the point.