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Many of us feel like we live life from a limited capacity. Shy of the freedom, comfort and potential we seek. Question marks debilitate and add further reinforcement to the doubt that stops us in our tracks. Misguided and mistrusting we fall deeper into our habits of avoidance and denial.

This used to be me.

Self-help books were like mental masturbation. They only got me so far. Self-doubt still reigned supreme.

But that all changed when I can began to live life from my centre and no longer from my head. It wasn’t easy at first. The fear that crept back in was crippling at times. But I was fortunate enough to find support amongst a select group of humans not infected with what I consider to be this first world disease.

The instruction I received wasn’t verbal, it was more like an invitation. The spacious approach of my teachers gave me the room needed to explore this aspect of my consciousness on my own.

Now back on my turf so to speak, I am here to share and help those in need. I was raised by it. Avoidance culture is contagious. But it is time for all of us to take a stand and do what we feel. No longer do we need to maintain the status quo.

Over the years, I have bounced around Toronto’s downtown core with the intent of creating a concept people could connect with. From Tai Chi and Qi Gong in gyms and parks, to Reiki and meditation classes in Yoga studios and chiropractic offices, QiBelly started out in Toronto just looking to spread the word. Now located primarily in Parkdale, Toronto, QiBelly continues pushing for the people.

In our fast-paced, distractive culture, QiBelly is the Yin to this city’s excessive Yang lifestyle.

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