4th Wave Concepts

Which side are you on? Vaccinated or anti-vaxxer?

Right wing or left wing? God bless these people, but to hell with those people.

Culturally, politically, historically, there is pattern being played out that continues to keep us in this viscous divide. Wars are being created. And it’s all for not, it’s all a gross waste of our time. We are stuck in the throes of immature emotionalism and it’s breaking us down. If she floats, she’s a witch and deserves to burn. If she drowns, well it was worth the risk she posed to our way of life.

We humans aren’t as brilliant and entitled as we like to believe. Our securities are built upon false assumptions and superficial constructs that when threatened, fall to pieces. This is why we rage.

Fear backed, we gravitate towards what supports our position. It provides a sense of security and righteousness. I laugh out loud when I hear either side of the divide claim they have the real science. Like science is an absolute and not representative of a specific intention carried out and then reinforced. Like I said, we are not as smart as we think. My science vs your science. This country vs that country. Our god vs your god. The madness ensues…

So what’s the bottom line here? 

We are human, which means we are nature. Let’s not forget this. Scared of the oxygen we breath, scared of the sun, scared of what lurks beyond the shadows, is this really what we are?

As a general population we have let fear dominate. Fear has its usefulness, don’t get me wrong. But when it cripples us, we are no longer truly living. 

Where is our belief in self? And when I say self, I mean our larger process. To be separate is to be blind. Nothing is separate. Everything you see is a reflection/version of you. 

Let’s stop allowing others to shape our thoughts. Too many thoughts silence our intuition. Beyond your social status, beyond your finances or sexy backside, when all is said and done, what do you have? 

Life. Undefinable. All encompassing. 

It’s time that we as a human race grow up and move past these unnecessary divides. Our fundamental connectivity speaks louder than our superficial variations. We will move past this 4th wave. Hopefully with the least amount of carnage possible.