April 21-25 Vacay + 23 Hour Blog

Happy April Not So Super Winter Madness!!

I’m taking a small vacation at the end of the week. Classes on Saturday April 21, Tuesday April 24 and Wednesday April 25 will be cancelled during this time. Back on Thursday the 26 and I’ll be ready to party.

Wishing you a lovely week, here’s to hoping the Sun starts to shine!!

23 Hours Wins

1 hour of mindfulness + 23 hours of neurosis = crap results.

23 hours always wins. 1 hour does not overwrite 23. Just like 1 year of practice does not overwrite 33 years of habit. 

To be awake is the goal. But how often is the average person conscious? Maybe 5% of the day. To those who practice, perhaps 10-15%.

To increase the percentage of time awake, we look to the fundamental design, how and why we approach our practice. Work and play, it’s all a practice.

As Robert Heinlein once wrote, ‘specialization is for insects.’ We accentuate and identify with certain skills, but in doing so fail to fully participate in all 24 hours of our day.

Thanks for reading.