Meditation Meltdown

Stillness explored all the way into loss of personal perspective. Idea based off one of my Happy Hour classes.

True letting go with courage. There can be an awkwardness to it. For me, very foreign. Associated with giving into a hallucinogenic drug experience. 

Step by step relax down. Basic insert. Use breath and sink and explore into the exhale. Key access point. For some it may be easier to lay down. Less tension the better. 

Initially set aside a large block of time where time is of no concern (or at least set an alarm). Freedom is the goal. A complete letting go of all that is familiar. 

The idea I’m presenting is only a technique. A way to access another side of yourself. For everyone it will be different. And that’s the point. What is beyond logic? Beyond conditioning? This is an exploration into self. The need to define it might just leave you stuck at the gate. 

Good luck. Pop me back if you have any questions.