Beauty in this Time of Death

Not I’ll-conceived, nor unfortunate.

Almost celebratory.

Also not. 

The deep dark basement beckons. Awkward sticky sludge – once you step in it, there is no escape. Ironically, these same phenomena grease the openings back to renewal. Your lessons, your particulars.

No Yin equals no Yang. Month 11 of 12. The theme being, death. Let’s not forget I’m here selling you better health.

Ok, short story, I was walking to meet a friend the other day. I wasn’t well. All dark and twisted, I came upon a garden. I stopped. I fell in love. ‘Look at this magic! Such perfection. Such beauty. It woke me right up. My eyes widened. I saw the top of the mountain. And we were a perfect mess. All is correct.’

In times of discomfort we have the tendency to believe something is wrong.

It’s not always meant to be easy or Instagram-able. Sometimes, our dynamic needs a cold deep dip down into the Ugly.

Stop trying to be happy all the time. In the sun 24/7. Living your best life – All the time

Practice to appreciate. Sometimes the only thing twisted about what is going on is our perception.