Better Than Drugs

Long time no talk!! Fell off the blogging rhythm a few months back. Apologies.

For those of you whom I haven’t seen in awhile, I wish you well and am happy to report that all is steady in the land of QiBelly. Our weekly classes are as sexy as ever and are continuing to help the people maintain during this #ihopeitsalmostoverwinterconcept. It has been a big one, I would even go as far to say a dirty one. But here we are on the verge of glory and I gotta ask, ‘What you got?’

Feeling worn down, sick, depleted? The sun is ready to show us its love and we, as People of the Faith, have to ask ourselves, ‘Are we ready for it?’ Have we kept up our end of the bargain?

When the sun begins to blast on a more constant basis, things are going to change (obvi). But what most of us don’t recognize, is that if we are not ready for it, then we run the risk of collapse. Running on empty as we transition into spring is no place to be if you wanna party. Its like jumping in the car for lengthy road trip, The Doors pumpin’, without gas in the tank or snacky cake supplies for the days ahead.

We gotta be smart about this people. We gotta keep steady and make sure that we are balancing ourselves even if its been a crap winter. And remember that is never too late, if regret has already fallen into your lap. I’ve put a piece (blogpost) together about it called, The Big Dirty. Give it a read and then stop by a class, if you are so inclined. We’ll sort you out!!

All the best.