The Big Dirty

It’s no secret that the weather has been crap. For the last few weeks I have witnessed the drawn out effects of winter taking its toll on the people. A thematic in the most obvious sense, yet most of us still let it completely run shop.

If you’ve ever experienced one of my QiGong or meditation classes, you may have heard me discuss the importance of weather. Weather plays a major role in our lives, it is part of us. And although weather is vital to understanding environmental health, it doesn’t necessarily speak for us. The idea is to learn how to adapt to it. Adaptability is what we train.

In the daily hustle and bustle there are a great number of factors besides weather that determine our level of health. Relationships, diet and external stressors, for example, do shape and shift our health on a constant basis. So in that sense we are susceptible to these circumstances. But what many of us are experiencing right now is vulnerability.

Winter has ran long this year and many of us are desperate for the sun. Unfortunately this is a dangerous position to be in. We can’t fully rely on weather to give us what we need all the time. When the weather is crap we have to make sure our practice keeps us afloat. Daily Tai Chi, and even Reiki can give us what we need. The very foundation of adaptability, is to be invulnerable and more resilient to these environmental factors.

Daily rhythms keep us steady. The idea is simple enough. Making it your discipline, well that’s up to you.