Brilliant in Brooklyn

Still coming down off the experience. But maybe down is the wrong word. Our plane back home is set to sail and we are humming with more than we expected.

We went for Love. Some quality mates from way back. We spent my 40th birthday weekend together. And we were blessed. The reunion was magical, the energy drinkable. Many tender moments of affection. Conscious time-outs within wild gorgeous experiences. Pausing to recognize, to show respect. I am so thankful for these individuals.

Brooklyn was wild, it was exactly what we signed up for. Slightly older and much more aware, I learned something about myself this weekend. I learned something about all of us in fact. It’s not about competition. There is enough, way more than enough. But that’s not how most of us interpret our world. We think there is a lack. There is not.

Walking around, I was initially overwhelmed by all the energy. I was seeing myself as separate. I was seeing others as distinct. It was draining. By shifting gears and pulling back on it all, I saw it all. I felt it all. Vibrant. So instead of trying to swim through it, I realized I was it. I drank it. And it drank me. Like a dry sponge into the ocean. No more separation. From there I got really big. Like massively big. It was love. It was whatever you wanna call it.

Parks, parties, transit, trendy restaurants. I was beaming. People reacted as if I was famous but they couldn’t place me, even celebrities. It was crazy. But it wasn’t my outfit. It wasn’t my face. It was my energy. Everyone walks around thirsty for it. Especially in a place like New York City. Looking to get it from others. Competition. Here are my list of accomplishments. Nice to meet you. Who are you? How do you compare? Madness. But the fuel is everywhere. When I started to represent it, people wanted it from me. It was surreal.

I learned a lot about myself this weekend. But I learned even more about all of us.

Thank you Brooklyn.