Crazy Busy

Hey!! How you doing?’

‘Good!! Busy. Crazy busy. You?’

Does this conversation sound familiar? Holidays are here and we be getting busy. Social norms, expectations, nice to see you again December. But what are we really saying when we say we are busy?

Are we really that busy? Or is it our approach that has our minds incessantly firing?

Perhaps what many of us are really saying, is that we are overwhelmed. But we don’t care to admit that. I believe the truth of the matter is that many of us aren’t really comfortable with being slow. Mellow and in appreciation of non-stimulation is not what’s considered normal. Busy makes us feel valued. It’s a badge we wear.

A classic catch 22 scenario. If we are busy, then it satisfies our sense of self. But with that comes stress and fatigue. If we are not busy, then we wonder why and get all depressed trying to desperately find a way to become important again. Then there are those of us who create busy to avoid certain aspects of our life. We like to lie to ourselves. It’s all a bit fucked.

Thankfully there is an alternative – and it’s not necessarily meditation. Haha. Based on our overblown zest for achievement, trying to answer busyness with meditation would be just another try hard technique. Nah, the answer is simple. Accept the invitation to not busy yourself. Don’t grab for your phone. Don’t watch suspenseful, addictive Netflix. Don’t take on a new project. Just sit the fuck down and look out the window. Go for a walk. Simple. The answer is always beautifully simple.

Holidays wise, I will be taking time off Saturday the 23rd and Tuesday the 26th (Boxing Day). Other then that we are on.

I wish you love and perspective in this holiday season. 2018 here we come!!


Thank you for reading.